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Why should I choose MPay4U?

Mpay4U is an innovative source to access and use a vast range of services on a smartphone, tablet, PC, handheld or EPOS. Mpay4U removes the requirement to sign up to multiple businesses and products; our gateway will provide access to 100s of products instantly. We also offer great rates or commission and have the capabilities to increase your businesses profit turnover immediately.

Why use the Mpay4U Application?

By using the advanced services from Mpay4U, retailers will have the capabilities to sell various goods and services. It also brings a high level of profit and commission opportunities for your business.

Setting up an account with Mpay4U.

To open a new account with us, you are first required to fill in the registration form and attach the necessary documents. You will then receive your log in details, this then provides access to Mpay4U’s services. When an internet connection is available, you then need to credit your account to start selling products.

Charges and commission

The key component, and in particular the most beneficial advantage of Mpay4U, is that it is free to register and use. Downloading and installing the application is also free, however you may incur charges as applied by your mobile service provider for SMS or 3G data usage. In return, you can earn great rates of commission on every service provided by Mpay4U.

For more information on commissions, please contact one of our sales agents who will be happy to discuss the various levels and schemes. Tel: 020 3130 0776

What services are available?

Services are :
      Theatre Tickets
      Attraction Tickets
      Sightseeing Tours
      London Pass
      Heathrow Express Tickets
      Theme Park Tickets

Do I need any specific hardware?

We have developed our service to work across almost every available device in the current market. All mobile services are supported by an internet connection.

From what devices can Mpay4U be used?

      Mobile Phone (feature phone & smartphone)
      Handheld device

Terms of offer

To receive our £20 offer, you must purchase credit worth at least £1000 when you order the second time.

Transaction anyehere with MPay4U

Mpay4U is a simple, effective and innovative way of making transactions anywhere